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About the Exhibition – Connecting Art and Currency

Why M0N3Y?

We forge connections, spark dialogues, and unveil fresh insights within the contemporary art scene, featuring a curated selection of around 70 international artists exploring diverse aesthetic and conceptual approaches across the Digital Art Net.Art, New Media, and more.

A Collective Art Movement

Happening 2.0 Experience

Experience our grand event, where the creations of over 200 participants seamlessly blend with curated works from different artists, all exploring the fascinating theme of MONEY, elevating the exhibition to unparalleled artistic heights.

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Guiding M0N3Y’s Digital Exploration

Curator’s Vision

Join us on the journey where the curator’s discerning eye meticulously weaves together a tapestry of narratives, inviting you to explore the profound connections and intricate stories behind each creation.

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Discover the Diverse Minds and Creative Journeys.

Artist Showcase

Discover a kaleidoscope of creativity where diverse talents converge to illuminate the essence of artistic brilliance – an exhibition that transcends boundaries, celebrating unique perspectives and boundless imagination.

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